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I'm going to put some active days data and precious one of Beppu days exactly. I want to do so by all means, because we have no documents eventhough she was the biggest maritime facility in history at JAPAN.
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<< SS ORIANA Specifications >>

# Displacement: 41,915 Gross Tons.
# Length: 245.1 metres or 804 feet.
# Beam: 30.5m wide or 97 feet.
# Maximum draft: 9.7 metres or 31 feet 6 inches.
# Overall height: 51.27 metres (16 floors).
# Builders: Vickers-Armstrongs (Shipbuilders) Ltd. at Barrow-in-Furness, England for £12,500,000.
She was the largest and last liner built for Orient Line.
# Launched: 3rd November 1959
# Maiden voyage: 3rd December 1960 to Australia.
Reduced the travel time between England and Australia by one week.
# Propulsion: Six Parsons geared turbines, total 80,000 ship's horsepower, single reduction geared to twin screws.
# Maximum speed: 30.64 knots (57 km/h)
# Cruising speed: Speed 27.5 knots, her record day's run was 701 nautical miles at 29.21 knots.
# Accomodation: 730 cabins for 638 First & 1,496 Tourist Passengers (Altered to 1,677 in one class in 1973).
# Crew: 903
# Facilities: 17 public rooms and 11 passenger decks, Tennis Deck, Bathing Deck, Stadium Deck, Verandah Deck and the "A" through "E" Decks.