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with my motorbike KAWASAKI 250cc at Umeda, OSAKA city on June 2001. .......For big urban transportation having a city highway, it is convenient at all to get on a motorcycle because I arrive quickly. But I parted because of the ill physical impediment after all.

webmaster_ymd The author, puts on income on May-2009.

わたしは、当時、大和ハウス工業の子会社だったロイヤル海洋観光で販売促進の企画や、広告を担当する部署で働いていました。日本国内では、後にも先にもオ号ほどの大型客船が係留されていたことはありません。船内の艦橋や機関室を見たり、レストランで食事したり、映画館で3D映画を観たり、貸しホールで船上結婚式を挙行できた施設はなかったのです。"SS.ORIANNA lighthouse"は、そんな稀有な観光施設オ号が、かつて九州の別府湾に浮かんでいたという記録を残すために誕生したのです。

I worked in those days at a post in charge of a plan and the advertisement of the sales promotion in the royal ocean resort company which was a subsidiary of Daiwa House Industry. In Japan, it has not been moored a large size passenger ship of Oriana earlier later either. "SS.ORIANNA lighthouse" was born to record the fact that such rare tourist facility SS.ORIANA had ever moored at Beppu Bay, Kyushu island.