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Quit working in Osaka in
2010 at home in Oita.
motorbikewith my KAWASAKI at Umeda Osaka on June 2001.

このページは、2003年に"SS.ORIANA lighthose"を設置してからずっと燈台守を続けているサイト管理人について、少し詳しく紹介するページです。/* 少し詳しくとなると私的情報も掲載することになりそうなので、直接アクセスしにくい隠しページ形式で公開しています。 */




It is a page to introduce in detail here about the manager of the "SS.ORIANA lighthose" site born in 2003. /* Since also posted private information, this site has been published in the form of hidden pages that are difficult to access directly. */

"The Internet" of 1987-94 years when I worked in ORIANA was not popular technology in Japan.I obtained a laptop computer in 1994. I remember what I was surprised at because I knew that "the 3Web Internet age" when an individual has information dispatch for people in the world has already come.

CSS method to settle the time, I began to learn how to use html tags. I wanted to make a nicely designed web site. It seems to be able to be said that the link to introduce below shows in the part of the site that I uploaded namely personality of part me.

Perhaps, a common feature of the web sites that I have ever made with poor technique is something that, I want to continue to tell my visitors, fresh surprise that the Internet provides. Their thoughts are also on this page of course.





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