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SS.ORIANA Beppu Bay days! − 別府湾時代のオリアナ号

illust lighthouse
SS.ORIANA Beppu Bay days!

This site was born to be a lighthouse for people who had been worked on SS ORIANA of Beppu Bay days. If you want visit here again, please run through the search engine with next two key words ...... "oriana,beppu".

SS.OIANA moored at Beppu bay SS.ORIANA moored at Beppu bay
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She was called SS ORIANA also known as WHITE LADY, and had been moored only 9 years between 1987-1995 at Beppu bay, Kyushu island, JAPAN as a maritime facility for tourists. I have never thought that the age become true to put a web site means to send message all over the world like today. Therefore I have nothing a file which recount about those days now regrettabley. If your answer to above questions are yes, let's VON VOYAGE again unexpectedly with lighthouse keeper to search what was leftoverd by WHITE LADY there?

<<< このサイトは日本語のページです


SS ORIANA lighthouse のウエブサイトを作り始めたときのトップページはここまででしたが、彼女はいつまでも


〓〓 沈没特報 〓〓

SS ORIANA had been flooded !

She tilts at a 70-degree angle in storm in Dalian's Xinghai Bay after a strong storm Wed.16/June/2004 20:42. And was partly flooded. Finally, she had sunk on 17/June/2004.
= upper photos were shooted 17/June, others were 05/July.

tilting oriana tilting 2

All things which have a shape
are gone, GASSHO..............

Salvaging is progressing from end of June/2004.

salvaging wark 大型クレーンで修復作業を続ける星海湾のオ号
salvaging work 2

SS ORIANA was trashed ultimately!!

Salvage teams worked for a year to repair her but at last all work failed in vain. She still leaned to the side and stood bleakly. According the anonymous insider reported by Dalian New Business on 12/May/2005, She might not be any ommercial use and will be trashed ultimately. Also from the report, her destination is Zhangjiagang Port, Jiangsu Province in East China. Her last owner is an anonymous shipbuilding company in Jiangsu.

damage appearance

final sailing

SS.ORIANA started on the last voyage with the crooked hull. She does not come back again anymore... 歪んだ船体のまま最後の航海に出たオリアナ号、もう帰って来ることは無い...12/May/2005

new oriana

プリントアウトしたビジターだけが Get できる
クルージングの素晴らしさが伝わる newest ORIANA の一葉です

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